A Great Environment


Foundation Board and Leadership

Cypress College:

Dr. Bob Simpson, President

Foundation Board of Directors:

Mrs. Sandra K McCarthy, President
Ms. Tracy Thurber, President Elect
Mr. Paul Bostwick, Vice-President
Mr. John Goodnight, Treasurer
Chief Jackie Gomez-Whiteley, Secretary
Mr. Michael Cooper, Immediate Past President
Mr. Raul Alvarez, Executive Director

Mrs. Mary Bouas
Mr. Walt Bowman
Dr. Kay Bruce
Dr. Steve Donley
Mr. Darin B. Drabing
Dr. Barbara Dunsheath
Mr. Darrell Essex
Mr. Frank Garcia
Ms. Jenelle Godges
Mrs. Becky Ishii
Mr. Alexander Kim
Mr. Richard Lutz
Ms. Miriam Melville
Ms. Danielle Nava
Mr. George O'Hara
Mr. Irv Pickler
Mr. Pat Scanlon
Mr. Steve Shanahan
Mr. David Shawver
Dr. Lydia Sondhi
Mrs. Johnnie Strohmyer
Ms. Mallory Vega
Mr. Phil Wendel
Ms. Lynette S. Young

Contact Information

Cypress College Foundation
Cypress College Complex Building
Room # 304

Valley View side of campus between Lincoln and Orange

Phone: 714-484-7126
Fax: 714-236-0911

Student Spotlight

Danielle Nava
Outstanding Alumna, 2009

Danielle Nava has enjoyed a career in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years while serving the Orange County community.