A Great Environment



Cypress College emphasizes education for the individual student. Excellence of instruction and individualized learning laboratories enhance the possibility for students to achieve their highest potential. In addition, a staff of tutors and full-time counselors provides instructional support and extensive guidance information to aid students in their choice of programs and classes. For the student who plans to complete a Baccalaureate degree, the college provides a smooth transition from high school to colleges and universities for students to earn a Bachelors Degree.

Numerous occupational programs are available for the student who desires preparation for immediate employment. Each occupational program is planned with the aid of a local advisory committee to insure relevance to changing career opportunities in each area of employment.

The College is composed of 16 major instructional or instructional-support buildings located on a 110-acre site. The campus buildings contain conventional classrooms as well as laboratory facilities for science, art, computer technology, photography, automotive services, dental clinic, mortuary science, physical education and other specialized programs. The Educational Services and Roosevelt Center provide opportunities for students with disabilities to be fully integrated into various college programs.

In addition, the campus is provided support services by a Student Center, Bookstore and food service centers. There are nine parking lots with an aggregate of 4,000 parking spaces designed to service students and staff, with an appropriate number of spaces reserved for the disabled.

Cypress College serves the educational needs of its entire community by providing a variety of occupational programs, transfer programs, and special interest classes. The College offers something for everyone, regardless of the student's individual background or educational goals. Since opening in 1966, Cypress' population has grown from an original enrollment of 1,200 to a student population of approximately 14,000.

Did You Know?

National research has shown that students, on average, change their majors 3-5 times during their college career.