Arlene Brackett is Cypress College Teacher of the Year

Marc S. Posner
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Arlene Brackett, an adjunct instructor in the Fine Arts Division, has been honored as the Cypress College Teacher of the Year for 2009. As the recipient, she also becomes a nominee for Orange County Teacher of the Year award, which is sponsored by the James Hines Foundation. She has worked at Cypress for about 20 years.

Brackett is the first Cypress College adjunct instructor to be nominated for this honor, under recent rules changes by the Hines Foundation. She teaches dance and ballet and received high praise from her students on her organization, inspiration, creativity, and communication.

She was selected from a group of nominated instructors on campus who were observed by members of the Associated Students in their classrooms. She was then moved forward for consideration of this honor. A committee composed of students, faculty, and administration selected Brackett as the finalist from Cypress College.

“Arlene Brackett is a huge asset to this school and I recommend her class all the time,” student Carri Glen wrote in one nomination of Brackett.

“Her skill as a professional as well as her ability to communicate her expertise makes her excel beyond her peers,” student J. Biles wrote. “She consistently challenges and gives students meaningful corrections. She is what others should be like.

Watch as Arlene Brackett learns she is the Cypress College Teacher of the Year.