Personal Attention

Counseling Courses and Recommended Classes

COUN 73 C                                COUN 100 C
COUN 105 C                              COUN 110 C
COUN 140 C                              COUN 141 C
COUN 144 C                              COUN 145 C
COUN 150 C                              COUN 151 C
COUN 160 C                              ENGL 137
COUN 73 C - Computer Access - I
Lecture Course is designed to teach computer skills to students with disabilities.
3 units
COUN 100 C - College Orientation for the Learning Disabled
Course will facilitate an awareness of community and college support service.
2 units
COUN 105 C - Stress and Anxiety Management
Designed to increase the student's awareness of the effects of stress and anxiety on academic performance. Students will practice a variety of management techniques.
½ - 1 unit
COUN 110 C - Teaching as a Career
Designed for future teachers. Requires fieldwork experience.
3 units
COUN 140 C - Educational Planning
Orientation to college life and responsibilities; development of an education plan.
½ unit
COUN 141 C - Career Exploration
For students who are uncertain about their educational and vocational goals.
1 unit
COUN 144 C - Women & Careers
Designed for re-entry women, to allow them to learn more about themselves and their opinions, as related to career choices.
2 units
COUN 145 C - Changing Careers
Provides personal exploration for the adult in transition through testing, values clarification and skills analysis. Provides creative job search techniques, application and résumé writing and interviewing.
2 units
COUN 150 C - Academic and Life Success
Gives students practical skills in achieving personal, academic and relational success.
3 units
COUN 151 C - Career and Life Planning
Designed to assist students with career/life planning including an analysis of lifestyles, self-assessment, overcoming obstacles, career researching, job searching, résumés, interviewing and goal setting.
3 Units
COUN 160 C - College/University Transition
Designed to assist students in the selection and application process for transferring to a college or university.
1 unit

ENGL 137 C - Strategies for College Success and Life-Long Learning (Eligibility for ENGL 60) 
Designed to assist students in mastering effective study strategies in the areas of academic reading, time management, note taking, memory, test taking and learning styles.
3 units.

Student Spotlight

Danielle Nava
Outstanding Alumna, 2009

Danielle Nava has enjoyed a career in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years while serving the Orange County community.