Career Assessments

What's your major?
What's your career direction? 
What are your Interests, Skills, Values, and Personality?
Should you trust results of free/online career assessments?

Career Assessments can help YOU find answers to these questions and much more!

Career testing is . . .

  • The recommended first step in major selection and career decision-making activities. 

  • An introspective activity that enables you to consider your interests, skills, personality and values and learn how they relate to various majors and careers.

  • Given and interpreted by qualified career counselors.

Career Assessments

MBTI -- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Helps you explore your preferences.
  • Verifies your personality type.
  • Relates results to career options, relationships, education and many other aspects of your life.
  • Helps improve work and personal relationships, increase productivity, and identify leadership and interpersonal communication preferences.
  • Computerized program that helps you learn about your skills and talents.
  • Explores how to transfer your skills and talents to the world of work.
  • Summarizes your list of skills with a list of occupations matching your skills profile.
SDS -- Self-Directed Search
  • Identifies personality preferences.
  • Explores work environments.
SII -- Strong Interest Inventory
  • Helps you understand your work interests.
  • Shows you some kinds of work in which you might be comfortable.
  • Results are in personality themes of Holland Personality Types, work categories, and specific job titles.
  • Profile includes your basic occupational areas, and comparison to specific occupational titles.
  • Identifies your internal and external self-motivators which influence your life choices.
  • Identifies your needs in work settings in order to feel satisfaction in career choices.

Additional career assessments are available through our site licensed career programs,



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