34 Strengths Quick Reference Guide
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Discovering Your Strengths helps you:
  • Know the ways you stand out.
  • Appreciate, maximize, and take immediate action in ways that will dramatically increase your motivation, engagement and satisfaction in your education and work.
  • Boost your confidence, clarity and appreciation of how valuable you are.
  • Enlist a new vocabulary to describe what you do best, and articulate the value you bring to your work and life.
  • Navigate your encounters with others about your projects, goals, expectations, and advocate for your value.
  • Incorporate Strengths into your social network, resume or LinkedIn page for a more impactful profile
  • Gain a new appreciation for attributes that you have previously undervalued in yourself.
  • Improve people skills, including more patience and appreciation for the people in your life
StrengthsFinder Access Code:
  • Obtain a StrengthsFinder Access Code by making a Career Counselor appointment or enrolling in a Career Class
  • The StrengthsFinder Access Code is available at the Career Planning Center for the discounted price of $5.00  -- a $13 savings!
  • Take the Assessment online.
  • Meet with the Career Counselor/Instructor to learn about your unique combination of Strengths.
*StrengthsFinder Access Codes are offered at a significant discount as a result of Cypress College's dedication and commitment to Student Success and Student Equity!
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