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Associated Students

 Associated Students

The Associated Students (AS) provide:

  • Learning
  • Leadership
  • Service opportunities outside the classroom

They are supervised and advised by the Student Activities Advisor, Dave Okawa
The AS Council is comprised of:
  • 11 executive board positions
  • 15 senator positions
  • 15 activities coordinator positions

Their offices are located in the Student Activities Center. Their business meetings and class meetings are conducted on Monday and Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. everyone week in the SAC Conference Room. Their business meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to come.

Associated Student

  • Facilitate participation in the shared governance process on campus by their service on campus committees.
  • Sponsor many events/activities on campus throughout the school year.
  • Administer student-funded programs, ensuring that resources further the education and welfare of the students of Cypress College.


The source of funds for the Associated Students is:
the AS benefit sticker
  • interest in a Bank of America CD
  • on campus ads on the phone/ATM machines
  • a percentage of income from the student newspaper’s kiosks ads
  • income derived from various fundraising ventures


Associated Student activities are closely related to the regular instructional program that addresses the educational, recreational and social needs of students. These activities include:

  • Welcome Back Week
  • Club Rush
  • Blood Drives
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive
  • World Fest
  • Final Fuels
  • and much more

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Please visit the Student Activities Center for a list of our clubs and their meeting times.

Did You Know?

National research has shown that students, on average, change their majors 3-5 times during their college career.


Student Spotlight

Danielle Nava
Outstanding Alumna, 2009

Danielle Nava has enjoyed a career in the not-for-profit sector for 15 years while serving the Orange County community.